Original (correct) names/spellings for Igbo City's/Towns/Villages
Abakaliki is Abakaleke; Afikpo is Ehugbo; Asaba is Ahaba; Awgu is Ogu; Awka is Oka; Bonny is Ubani; Enugu is Enugwu; Ibusa is Igbuzor; Igrita is Igwuruta; Oguta is Ugwuta; Onitsha is Onicha; Owerri is Owerre; Oyigbo is Obigbo; Port Harcourt is Diobu; Ogwashi-Uku is Ogwa Nshi Ukwu... any more will be added.


Reading list of some of the formative books and reading materials for Ụ́kpụ́rụ́, directly or indirectly. (Some of the books are harder to find than the others, but there are links to the ones available.)

(Pillaged books.)

(More pillaged books.)
  • The Trouble With Nigeria, Chinua Achebe
  • Dancing Histories: Heuristic Ethnography with the Ohafia Igbo, John C. McCall
  • Nigerian History, Politics and Affairs, Adiele Afigbo
  • Ropes of Sand, Adiele Afigbo
  • The Twenty Years War, Robert D. Jackson
  • Nri Warriors of Peace, Chikodi Aũunobi
  • Igbo Worlds [Anthology], Elizabeth Isichei
  • An Igbo Civilization, Onwuejeogwu
  • "We Were All Slaves," Carolyn A. Brown
  • Groundwork of Igbo history, Adiele Afigbo
  • Oshimili and Aniocha: Their People and Land Tenure, Rufus A. I. Ogbobine
  • Igbo History and Society: The Essays of Adiele Afigbo, Toyin Falola
  • There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra, Chinua Achebe
  • Oil, British Interests and the Nigerian Civil War, Chibuike Uche
  • Concubinage among Ngwa Igbo of Southern Nigeria, Victor C. Uchendu
  • Art of Eastern Nigeria, G. I. Jones
  • Igbo Arts: Community and Cosmos, Herbert Cole, Chike Aniakor
  • Ibo Art, G. I. Jones
  • Farmers, Traders, Warriors, and Kings: Female Power and Authority in Northern Igboland, 1900–1960, Nwando Achebe
  • Palm Oil and Protest, Susan Martin
  • A Mighty Tree: Onitsha History..., Richard N. Henderson & Helen Henderson
  • The Nigerian oil palm industry: (Government policy and export production, 1906-1965), Usoro, Eno J.

* Just as a note, the inclusion of books on this list does not necessarily mean that the information is completely correct or should be taken literally, some of the books, especially the colonial-era European reports, may be used for historical purposes, such as matching up historical events or as a springboard for research into a purported cultural practice and may need closer scrutiny.

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